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Reussite has grown quickly from a small home-based after school program to what it is today: a full service language-learning center where those who desire excellence — both children and adults — can come to realize their dreams. Reussite is committed to offering the people of St Barth the highest quality learning experience, an experience that will profoundly impact their lives.
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School Tutoring
Throughout the year we offer language classes of varying lengths and intensity. Each class is especially tailored and adapted to meet your specific needs as a learner. We offer classes for everyone including children, adults and tourists. We can assure you that whatever your goals, you will find the perfect class for you here at Reussite.
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Our After School Program welcomes students every day after school to assist with homework assignments and exam preparations. The program works with students who would like to maintain their excellent grades throughout the year, as well as those who need academic support in specific areas such as reading, math, or science.
Reussite is pleased to offer accurate human translation services you can trust. We translate brochures, advertisements, leaflets, tour booklets and much more in more than a hundred languages. Furthermore, our translation service is registered at the court of Basse-Terre in Guadeloupe so as to provide our costumers with certified translations between English and French.
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