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The Language of Success

Reussite is committed to offering the people of St Barth the highest quality services, an experience that will fulfill the most demanding people. One key to our success is that we tailor our teaching and translations to meet the specific needs of each request.

With the words Quality, Excellence and Success firmly entrenched in our minds, we have recently undertaken a number of new initiatives that we are proud to offer.


Reussite is now a certified examination center where students of our language classes can pass the LILATE exam, a truly comprehensive test, measuring the level of mastery of a language both orally and in writing.

For the children, our after school program is very successful: children get excellent grades, and peace is back for the parents at home as the students get their self-confidence back by following an education program of high quality.

Reussite also has something to offer tourists who wish to add a valuable and fun activity to their holidays as they learn French and discover the West Indian culture.

Finally, we are very proud to announce the creation of the professional translations department. Reussite is now able to offer companies and individuals certified translations in more than twenty languages at some of the lowest prices on the market.


We are truly grateful to all those who contribute to the achievement of our success, who stood with us from the very beginning and continue to do so today: the parents who put their confidence in us, the students who work hard with determination and good humor, and the adult language students for their insightful feedback.


Our vision for Reussite is to continue on the path of excellence for years to come, offering the highest quality services on the island. With many exciting new projects planned for the future we hope you will continue working with us to bring them to fruition, for the adventure in learning has just begun! We look forward to welcoming you to Reussite!

Pierre Geraud,


Reussite is an approved training center where students can pass the LILATE certification. In addition, the cost of the training we offer can be covered by the Competence Operators (OPCO), to which your employer contributes, or by your Personal Training Account (CPF). Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, you could benefit from free training!
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