Conversation Club
Complete your training by joining our Conversation Club and become more fluent in your interactions with native speakers. Our beginner and advanced classes are designed to get you speaking from day one. The focus of Conversation Club is on communication and fluency. The communicative approach to language will teach you the vocabulary necessary to help you express yourself in a coherent fashion. You will learn strategies for different types of conversations and important foundational elements such as how to assert opinions, ask questions, and use follow up questions to keep a conversation going. You’ll build conversational confidence in an exciting way.

Available languages

English: beginner, intermediate and advanced level.

French as a foreign language: beginner and intermediate level.

Every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday

From 12:30 p.m. to 1:30 p.m.

From 44,60€/h

Certification and Funding

Reussite is an approved training center where students can pass the LILATE certification. This is a truly comprehensive test, measuring the level of mastery of a language both orally and in writing. It is therefore useful not only for employees, students and those in search of employment who wish to attest to their language skills, but also for employers and HRD to quickly assess the skill level of an employee/candidate.In addition, the cost of the training we offer can be covered by the Competence Operators (OPCO), to which your employer contributes, or by your Personal Training Account (CPF). Do not hesitate to contact us formore information, you could benefit from free training!