Language classes

Throughout the year, we offer language courses of varying length and intensity. Each course is specially designed and adapted to meet your needs and covers the five language skills: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and Cultural Awareness. We can assure you that whatever your goals, you will find the perfect class for you at Reussite.

Tous nos cours sont assurés par des professeurs natifs de la langue enseignée, ce qui vous garantit d'apprendre dans les meilleures conditions, de devenir rapidement autonome et surtout... d'acquérir un accent parfait !

Private class
Private classes are ideal for any student who wishes to receive personalized instruction in specific areas such as vocabulary, conversation or pronunciation related to work.
Woman Tutoring Child
Group lessons
Our adult courses provide the perfect opportunity for you to meet and interact with people of the same level as you. Although in groups, these courses keep the objective ...
Woman Tutoring Child
Conversation Club
Complete your training by joining our Conversation Club and become more fluent in your interactions with native speakers. Our beginner and advanced classes are designed to get you speaking from day one.
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Learn french
We have a created a variety of fun workshops which allow travel professionals to offer a complementary program to their clients, for those who wish to add a valuable and fun activity to their holidays.