French A La Carte

This French course is intended for teenagers and adults who want to become fluent in French. The course is designed for absolute beginners in French whose aim is to acquire skills of the A1 to B1 level described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The goal is to enable language autonomy in different situations of everyday life. This is the most complete course, which allows students to acquire the basics of French through lessons and practical exercises that apply the grammar, verb conjugation and vocabulary studied in class.
We rely on a method for adults and teenagers widely recommended by experienced authors and teachers. This clear and pragmatic method motivates the learner through active learning in everyday situations, to communicate quickly in French. Each lesson is executed in three stages: to understand - to practice - to produce. Our method offers the learner a clear and proactive discovery of the language. The “French A La Carte” is the best option for those who seriously wish to take advantage of their vacation
to learn how to speak like a native!

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