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They trust us

This training allowed me to consolidate my skills and more specifically to improve my written and oral English skills. This course allowed us to progress and gain self-confidence.


These courses reminded me all the vocabulary I had forgotten for a long
time and taught me some new one. Now I feel much more comfortable when comes the time to chat with an English-native speaker. Thank you for always encouraging me and for your kindness.


Pierre has the patience and the talent to teach children logical and rational development of the thought processes that are necessary for the success of the school system, as well as a great studying method. My daughter was too often in school failure; she quickly went from 10/20 to 14.5/20 of grade average point, with a lot of work, perseverance and smile.

Pierre's thoroughness and good humor transformed my daughter's vision of school.


I was able to deepen my knowledge and develop it in a pleasant learning environment. Today, thanks to the course I received, I feel more comfortable when I have to speak in English.