School Tutoring
In class, our team offers a reassuring and stimulating environment that  combines good mood and rigor, which contributes to the development and success of our students from primary school to high school. We believe that confidence and self-esteem are the keys for students to reach their highest potential.
Our mission is to help the student find these keys.
The Iguana Program
This after school tutoring program is our biggest success. Ideally located a footstep from Gustavia primary school and Mireille Choisy college, students have all the conditions necessary to progress...
Woman Tutoring Child
The Humming-Bird Program
Sometimes it is necessary to devote part of the school holidays to practicing standard exercises and reviewing what has been taught during the school year. To help students review what they’ve studied...
The Pelican Program
This program supports students who joined a correspondence education academy. Parents who choose to have their children do home schooling are more numerous every year.
100% English day
100% English day for children is filled with fun learning activities designed to get your child speaking English as early as possible. This children’s class, offered every Wednesday through the school year, ...